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Trendspotting with William Murray

Hot in the Kitchen #3 – Trendspotting with William Murray

Consumer demand is shifting – largely thanks to an increasingly travel-savvy millennial dominated population. This group will very soon have more spending power than any other and commands formidable trendsetting power. And they’re not just after food, they want the whole experience… The ‘eat and tweet’ generation has been a key driver behind many recent developments in foodservice – from re-defining […]

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Choose life. Choose haggis

This week, the media spotlight’s been well and truly on Scotland. Here at William Murray HQ, we hate to miss out on the action. So, as Ewan McGregor, Johnny Lee Miller et al. recovered from their stint on the orange carpet to launch the much-anticipated Trainspotting 2, we experimented with another orange Scottish export – […]

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Lights, camera: Springderella

If Red Nose Day has taught us anything, it’s that dressing up and making a fool of ourselves for a worthy cause is always a good idea. So when our spirited CEO, Anita, was asked by The Springboard Charity to participate in their pantomime, Springderella, it was a no brainer. The Springboard Charity supports unemployed, […]

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The saying goes, ‘if you didn’t tweet it, you didn’t eat it’, and now an app called Snapsaver is going a step further by offering diners in Newcastle half-price food to take pictures of their meals. Just so we’re clear… Yes, that means we’re essentially being paid to do something all us snap-happy, Insta-obsessed foodies […]

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Go to your happy place

It’s no secret the UK has developed a steady love affair with coffee culture, from the rise of single origin beans to the antipodean flat white that is now a mainstay on any respectable coffee menu. A BBC article released today found that where pubs, clubs and bar numbers in UK town centres fell by […]

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Realistic resolutions

It’s mid-January, the sparklers have gone out, the endless champers is a distant memory and we’re finally starting to remember what it’s like to feel hungry after a festive season that left us in a permanent state of ‘stuffed’. We’ve also had time to really knuckle down and get serious about those New Year’s resolutions. […]

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Once, twice, three times a winner #B2Bawards

We always like a Friday here at William Murray, but this one feels particularly special. Why? We’re glad you asked. At last night’s prestigious B2B Awards in London, we picked up not one, not two, but three awards. Not a bad haul considering we only entered two… B2B PR Agency of the Year With 95% […]

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Christmas sandwiches 2016: a review

It’s that time of year again. While the Christmas music blaring through the aisles might have come too soon for some, there’s one tradition we’re happy to see arrive promptly… Christmas sandwiches. This (now festively plump) blogger is no food critic, but if there’s one thing he knows it’s a bloody good Christmas sandwich. So, […]

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Eat up, it’s World Vegan Month

For some of us, a meal without meat is not a meal at all. But take it from me – William Murray’s token carnivore turned 98% of the time vegan* – it doesn’t have to be so. In light of it being World Vegan Month here’s a rundown of some of London’s vegan friendly hotspots. […]

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The Content Kings

Recent figures confirm what we already know to be true – our collective social media use in on the up and up. It was recently announced that Snapchat has overtaken Twitter in the number of daily users (150 million and 140 million respectively), indicating a possible shift in our content consumption habits. Typically a platform […]

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