Beyond publicity: B2B PR as a business driver - William Murray

In case you hadn’t heard (we’ve barely mentioned it) we picked up not one, not two, but three B2B Marketing Awards back in November. And today, the good folks who run the competition published an interview with our CEO, Anita Murray, on all things B2B PR. You can read the full piece here.

From the ‘pinch yourself’ moments to the slightly sore heads the morning after, it covers a fair bit about the night itself, but also goes into a much wider point – the undervalued role of B2B PR as a business driver.

Anita Murray says: “PR is often misunderstood in B2B circles… dismissed as publicity, rather than an activity that has a specific purpose and that benefits the bottom line. B2B PR might not have the glamorous reputation of consumer PR, but I’ve always been passionate about what it can deliver for clients and their businesses.”

Delivering tangible business benefits is exactly what led to William Murray’s success in the B2B Awards. In particular, our ‘Dishing up advice on gluten-free’ campaign – which used a bold mix of tactics, including celebrity endorsement, to help KNORR come from an underdog position in the gravy market to challenge the market leaders.

When quizzed about the campaign’s use of TV chef and gluten-free expert Phil Vickery, Anita said: “Celebrity endorsement isn’t a natural ‘go-to’ technique in B2B. But times are changing. In our sector, FMCG agencies now look to us for inspiration. We used to be seen as the poor relation to consumer agencies, but not anymore.”

You can read about the campaign – which won both the Best Use of Thought Leadership and the Grand Prix Campaign of the Year awards – by clicking here.




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