A delicious day at Délifrance UK - William Murray

Recently some of the William Murray team travelled to new client Délifrance’s offices in Southall for a delicious on-boarding session and a first-hand look at inspired bakery.

The day started, as every day should, with coffee and impeccable viennoiserie. From perfectly crafted croissants to beautiful butter pains au chocolat, there was plenty to go around. After the food had settled, the wonderful team at Délifrance took us on a behind-the-scenes tour to see their expertly engineered bread production line in all its glory.

After fashionable hair nets (and some not-so fashionable beard nets) were removed, we prepared for the -25 degree chill of the vast cold store. After 15 minutes exploring a room that makes the North Pole seem like a summer holiday hotspot, we were warmed up at lunch with yet more food and fantastic French hospitality.

Rolls to the left of us, bloomers to the right, and there we were, stuck in the middle with food. We got to enjoy loaf after loaf of the finest bread imaginable, followed by yet more sweet treats and viennoiserie. As ‘working lunches’ go, it’s not one any of us will forget for a long time.

Thanks to Délifrance for a day like dough other. We’ll definitely be back again soon.

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