Why employee engagement is more important than ever - William Murray

Some of Europe’s biggest food brands come to us to develop brand and marketing strategies that will get their message out to the right audience. But when we ask them how they plan on communicating it to their own people, we’re often met with a stony silence.

Sometimes, we’re so busy looking outwards that we forget to look at ourselves. Which is a big mistake. To quote Marty Neumeier ‘Your brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is’.

If you’ve ever visited our office, you might have noticed that quote (albeit a slightly bastardised version) scrawled across the wall by the kitchen.

And the single biggest factor that will affect what ‘they say it is’ – is your people.

The link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction is well documented.

But with Brexit forcing intense competition for talent, employee engagement is going to be more important than ever if you want to keep hold of your people and deliver the customer experiences reputations are built on.

Place the same importance on engaging your employees as you do your customers, and not only will you hold on to your people, you’ll also hold on to your customers. What’s not to love?

At William Murray, we take a 360 view. We’ll take a deep dive into the different siloes within your business – culinary, sales, marketing, brand, and HR – and then help you develop, implement, and sustain a strategy that will create a unified culture of engaged employees.

Our last client campaign increased employee engagement by 12%, with the latest survey revealing an engagement rate of 80%. In a company that employs more than 7,000 people worldwide, that’s quite remarkable.

Brand engagement strategies that engage your people and your customers. That’s what we bring to the table. Want to pull up a chair?

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