Fighting food waste with technology

Food waste continues to plague bins and the news in equal measure. It’s a serious issue that two new tools look to tackle head on. One wants you to get sharing with your neighbour, the other is a little more alarming.

The anti-waste ‘Alarm Cup’

Is there a sadder sight than a fruit bowl filled to the brim with rotting, old, wasted fruit? Yes, there is. But, for the context of this blog, no. No there isn’t.

Fruit is a product that’s dangerously easy to waste. Thankfully, a new fruit bowl looks set to stop us wasting food, one alarm at a time. The ‘Alarm Cup’ was invented by 11-year-old Rumaan Malik as part of Ocado’s Food Waste Challenge. The bowl plays an alarm when fruit has two days to go before it goes bad. With a nifty touchscreen to select your fruit of choice, it’s as simple as it is genius. A prototype of the invention is being designed and tested, and if successful may make its way onto Ocado’s online store soon.

When I was eleven, if someone said ‘banana’, I didn’t think ‘food waste fighting fruit bowl’, I just thought ‘custard’…

A sharing app with a difference

From one brilliant invention to an app-solutely genius idea.

Olio is an app that wants to get communities sharing their unwanted food. If it’s still edible, but you’re not going to eat it, give it to a neighbour that will. The app also connects and encourages sharing between companies, with the goal to get businesses country-wide to become entirely food waste free.

And Olio looks set to have a bright future, as it recently picked up $6 million of funding. I wonder if they fancy sharing that.

Both the ‘Alarm Cup’ and Olio are playing a part in fighting house-hold food waste. And it’s a fight everyone needs to be a part of. Close to a third of all the food produced globally for human consumption is wasted every year. So, whether it’s touch-screen bowls or appetite-loving apps, it all helps.

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