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Bill Gates famously said, ‘If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget, I’d spend it on PR!’

But why? How did he know what return he was going to get, and how could he be sure it was delivering value?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

For your PR campaign to deliver results, it must be linked to business objectives. ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’

While AVEs (advertising value equivalents) went out of fashion with the Walkman, there are still agencies that measure coverage alone. Claiming to have reached a number of people (often exceeding the total population of Britain). Or obsessing over the number of press releases sent out, without examining the action they’re actually driving with your customers… or worse. Are they seen by your target audience?

The bottom (line) up approach

At William Murray we’ve always taken a bottom up approach. We don’t create campaigns for our clients – we create campaigns for the people our clients need to influence. We create campaigns that deliver the commercial results our clients want.

With each new piece of work we ask our clients a simple question. What do you want to achieve? In other words, what action do you want to drive with your customers as a result of your PR?

So instead of getting carried away with brainstorms and creative ideas, first we’ll get under the skin of your customers to build a clear picture of who they are – their goals, drivers, needs and constraints. Then we get creative.

And it goes without saying, doesn’t it? A campaign aimed at school cooks will have very different communication channels, tactics and measures, than a campaign targeting a pub chef, care home caterer or development chef.

Say hello to ‘Connect’

Once we’ve come up with a campaign we are confident will deliver, we scrutinise it. Each and every element – what are the deliverables? How will they be measured? And ultimately, what action will they drive in relation to the business objectives? If it doesn’t drive the desired action, it’s off the table.

Our proprietary tool, Connect, ensures each and every activity has a clearly defined deliverable, measurement and action – connecting the campaign activity to the required business action, closing the loop. It has an easy to use interface, making it straightforward for clients to share information with their business and see how it delivers to the bottom line.

Granted, this more strategic approach requires more time and effort and not every activity is easy to measure – but for our clients, demonstrating value is key to justifying budgets. Especially with a trend towards Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB), where every penny spent has to deliver results.

Get the measure of your campaigns and us

If you want to work with the B2B PR Agency of the Year 2016 & 2017 and our team of foodservice specialists who understand the commercial link between budgeting and the bottom line, then give us a call on 020 8256 1360.

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