Good enough to eat - William Murray

In this week’s ‘too good to be true’ file, an app has been developed that can supposedly create recipes from food snaps using a database of more than 1 million recipes.

Pic2Recipe! claims to be able to recognise ingredients from our beloved #foodporn images, matching combinations to its recipe database and producing an ingredient list and method faster than you can say Kentucky Fried Chicken.

‘That’s dinner sorted then’ we hear you say. Unfortunately not. Whilst the app can recognise basic combos (we’re looking at you eggs benny), more complicated dishes like sushi and smoothies are thus far, a bit out of its range. Given that my attempt at a green smoothie each morning often ends up looking like brown river water, I can’t blame it. I’m the one making it and I couldn’t even tell you what’s responsible for the brown sludge in my NutriBullet.

Whilst we might need to leave this one in the ‘one to watch’ pile, we’re definitely willing to revisit. After all, any excuse to legitimise our collective need to snap everything we eat is a welcome thing.

Read more about Pic2Recipe! here

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