Why great campaigns start with audience personas - William Murray

Businesses don’t make decisions.

Businesses don’t think, feel, or do anything.

People do.

That’s why – for any campaign – the first step should always be to identify and understand the people you need to influence. Not just the business they work for.

That’s why we create audience personas.

And we start by asking the right questions…

We ask the right questions

We start with the simple ones. What’s their job title? How old are they? How much do they earn?

Then we dig a little deeper. What does their 9-5 look like? What do they want to achieve? What do they need to accomplish it? And what’s standing in their way?

Those questions will give rise to even more interesting ones…

Where do they go to get their ideas? And when? Do they stumble across them when they’re scrolling through Twitter before bed? Or do they actively seek them out online while they’re at work?

What words do they use when they search? Who do they trust? And what media do they read? Or do they prefer to watch, or listen?

By answering these sorts of questions, we start to build a clear picture of the people you need to influence – their goals, drivers, needs and constraints.

We call that picture an audience persona. And it’s a crucial first step in how we build campaigns for clients.

How we create audience personas

Web analytics and social scraping, interviews and focus groups, and workshops with your marketing, sales and culinary teams all provide different parts of the puzzle.

Then we take all this insight, combine it with insight from our industry network, and feed it into an easy to digest snapshot – bringing each persona to life.

Why we create audience personas

Being able to put yourself in the shoes of the people you need to influence is key. Without that ability, people tend to revert to the sort of content and media they know best.

And we don’t create campaigns for our clients. We create campaigns for the people our clients need to influence. Because that’s what delivers the commercial results we’re famous for.

Make great campaigns, with us

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