High street eats to try this Veganuary... according to Twitter - William Murray

Forget Dry January, the one to try this year is Veganuary (or so we’re assured by our resident vegan). As you might have guessed, Veganuary aims to get people across the globe to ‘go vegan’ for January. But if you don’t fancy cooking for yourself – where’s good? Well, just ask this Twitter user…

‘Writer type’ and vegan @notsoquietgrrl recently published a decent thread on Twitter. It’s packed full of well-known high street eats with tasty vegan friendly options – including chilli from Las Iguanas and vegan summer rolls from Pho.

The thread went down pretty darn well on Twitter, garnering 278 likes and 127 retweets (and counting) plus a load of other suggestions from Twitter’s vegan faithful.

With over 500,000 people in Britain now choosing a plant-based diet, it’s clear that veganism is far from a fringe movement. And it’s a pretty loyal and vocal market segment to boot. Little wonder more and more caterers are waking up to the opportunity.

Click the image below to check out the full thread. Then go try some yummy vegan dishes this Veganuary.


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