Home-grown food: the money-maker for pubs - William Murray

A trio of studies from Beacon show that pubs may need to embrace food to succeed, and that if they do, home-grown produce is the way to go.

First of all, some good news for pubs. A quarter of Brits have said they’d spend 25% more for pub grub if the food came from here in Britain. Over half of pub-goers would be willing to pay 10% more.

Unfortunately, there’s some bad news for pubs as well. Another Beacon study has shown that a lot of us aren’t drinking as much as we used to. 44% of Brits drink less now than they did last year when they’re out and about. In particular, over-55s (48%) and 18-24 year olds (45%) have cut down on the out of home tipple. Meanwhile, it’s 25-34 year olds who are leading the way in the push for home-grown pub food, with over two thirds willing to pay more.

The drop in drinking could be taking its toll on the sector, as Beacon’s final study shows. Beacon itself is “urging the drinks industry to adapt in order to thrive” as their insight reveals that in the past decade, 21,000 drinks venues closed, while 8,000 new food venues opened, showing the changing mind-set of the British public.

So, for pubs to succeed during these difficult times, food is the way to go. Long gone are the days where some peanuts behind the bar are all you need. To survive, pubs need to give their menu a make-over, and keep their food home-grown.

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