Hot in the Kitchen #3 - Trendspotting with William Murray - William Murray

Consumer demand is shifting largely thanks to an increasingly travel-savvy millennial dominated population.

This group will very soon have more spending power than any other and commands formidable trendsetting power. And they’re not just after food, they want the whole experience…

The ‘eat and tweet’ generation has been a key driver behind many recent developments in foodservice – from re-defining ‘healthy’ eating to the rise of disruptors like Deliveroo. But what’s on the menu for 2017?

Well, we’ve been speaking to our industry network of chefs, foodies, bloggers, journalists, researchers and consultants. And from tech to the theatrical, we spotted a few trends that look to be well worth a watch.

So we jotted down a few words about them all. We call it ‘Hot in the Kitchen’.

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