Words Anna says wrong (wrongly)

Every now and then, heads in the office jerk round en masse in response to a certain Antipodean’s butchering of the English language. To celebrate, Rupert’s donned his ‘thongs’ (flip flops) as we run through a short list of words our favourite bogan, Anna Berry, says quite wrongly. May we present, Posho & Bogan: The Pilot.

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Does your pub serve Britain’s best roast?

There’s few things we Brits love more than a good hearty pub roast. So make sure you get down to your local for British Roast Dinner Week (24 September – 1 October 2017) – when pubs up and down the country will be laying on a roast every day of the week. And if you […]

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Why It Works – J Sheekey

Every once in a while, the right elements come together in the right place, at the right time in fateful harmony to produce something that sparks the imagination, takes hold in the public subconscious, and, well, just works. Restaurant dishes can have that effect. One minute you’ve dropped in a last minute idea to fill […]

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Roll over for British Sandwich Week

The humble sandwich has had a tough time in recent years. The average lifestyle blog would have you think it’s the weapon of mass destruction of lunch menu. Its carb-y, gluten-y composition laying waste to diets and good digestive health across the land. But a beautiful sourdough or crusty bloomer is not a thing to […]

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Telling it how it is for Harden’s

Over 25 years have passed since Richard and Peter Harden hit on the idea of an independent restaurant guide written by the very people that eat in them – the diners themselves. The Harden’s Restaurant Guide was born, and quickly gained a reputation as one of the most accessible and reliable restaurant guides around. The […]

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Chewing over democracy

As the UK embarks on the fourth major vote in as many years (from the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014 to this year’s General Election on June 8th), spare a thought for the canvassing politicians who’ll be expected to show how ordinary they are in a bid to keep their heads below the parapet marked […]

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Chocolate box or chocolate detox?

We’re going to level with you. In the William Murray office there’s no such thing as ‘left over chocolate’. But in the week after Easter, we’re prepared to accept that the more moderate and restrained chocolate fans amongst you might be running a cocoa surplus. There’s no end of ways to incorporate spare chocolate into […]

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Pizza perfect

Pizza isn’t just a meal – it’s a way of life. Just ask any Neapolitan, where every street corner of their city brings a margherita more magnificent than the last. Don’t even think of asking for a pepperoni or Hawaiian. In Naples it’s margherita or death, with an honourable exception made for the marinara topped […]

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Coffee liqueurs setting off a ‘shot’ wave

It’s UK Coffee Week (10–16 April) so it’s only right to have a tipple with a caffeine kick to celebrate. The coffee-liquor combo is a tricky beast. Liqueur coffees have a slightly dusty association with Irish cream coffees and ill-advised overindulgence of Kalhúa. But a new wave of coffee cocktails are saving the boozy coffee […]

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Side plate to main event

Michelin starred chef, Simon Hulstone of The Elephant, Torquay, has spoken about growing produce to supply his restaurant, in the latest issue of Chef magazine. Setting up a farm and using his own crops has changed his approach to prepping ingredients: “We’ve tended to do a lot less with it, to let the ingredient shine. […]

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