Meet GIG: the app making hospitality shift work, work…. - William Murray

The working world is changing, with flexibility and urgency more important than ever to workers. And for the hospitality industry – facing a massive shortfall in staff in a post-Brexit Britain – offering what workers want is going to be key if they’re to plug the skills gap.

Enter our newest client: GIG – the app that connects hospitality businesses with local gig-workers looking to pick up a shift.

GIG is a modern solution for the modern hospitality labour market – offering employers:

• On-demand access to capable, eligible, local candidates
• Less admin, with the app automating things like payroll and right to work checks
• And much lower hiring costs, cutting out the opaque and unfair middleman costs most traditional agencies charge

And it’s better for workers too, offering flexible shift work that pays out in full in 24 hours of clocking out.

Antony Woodcock, GIG’s co-founder and chief executive, said: “GIG was born out of a frustration that my business partners and I had for the direction that the hospitality industry was heading in. Now, for the first time, our technology is helping create a truly on-demand service whilst providing greater transparency around costs and potential staff. Not only does this technology help streamline a very manual industry, it also makes it more accessible again to both business owners and work seekers. I look forward to working with William Murray to get that message out to the wider industry, and help us make shift work, work.”

Check them out on Twitter.

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