A Murray Christmas with the Croydon Foodbank - William Murray

Christmas is a time for giving, and every year we take great joy in huddling together around a gift catalogue to choose which festive – almost always chocolate based – gift to send our clients. It’s a small gesture to say thanks and well done to the people we’ve worked closely (and tirelessly) with to make great things happen over the last 12 months.

We still want to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our clients in 2017, but thought most could do without the obligatory nibble on the endless stream of Christmas treats passed around offices at this time of year.

So this year, we decided to do things a little differently.

Rather than sending cards and indulgent chocolates, we’ll be helping those people in real crisis. And, as proud Croydoners (Croydonites?), we’ll be donating to Croydon Foodbank to help local families who are going through a tough time.

At a time of year when everyone is enjoying the festive season, it’s easy to forget there’ll be people worrying about putting any type of food on the table for their family, let alone a Christmas dinner.

We’re proud to be doing our part to help the local community, and know we do so with the full support of our wonderful client network – so, thank you.

You can keep up with the team’s donations at @WilliamMurrayPR and if you want to get involved yourself, head to https://croydon.foodbank.org.uk/

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