National Pizza Day: Grab a slice of the action - William Murray

Today (Friday 9 Feb) is #NationalPizzaDay. And every restaurant worth their dough is getting involved, as consumers look to grab a slice of the action…

Pizzerias up and down the country are offering a 30% discount – with nationwide chains Trada, Gusto and Prezzo all confirmed.

While closer to William Murray HQ (where we earn our crust) Bunga Bunga has announced the launch of a pizza-flavoured cocktail (top culinary innovation or base and cheesy stunt – you decide).

The event has been organised by Foodism – London’s (extra) largest food and drink magazine.

Editor Jon Hawkins was quoted as saying: “National Pizza Day will be the biggest celebration of pizza in the country, and Foodism wants everyone to be involved – from those who make pizza to the rest of us who just love eating it.”

So if you’re still tossing up what to have for lunch or dinner today – don’t think too far outside the box…

Pizza facts

  1. Five billion pizzas are sold worldwide every year
  2. Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the UK and US. While squid is the most popular topping in Japan.
  3. 62% of all pizzas consumed have meat.
  4. 49% of people in the UK eat pizza at least once a week and Oxford is the city which consumes the most pizza.
  5. The first Domino’s Pizza opened in 1967, the first Pizza Hut in 1958, and the first Papa John’s in 1984.
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