No hate for the humble plate - William Murray

Whether it’s in a shoe or on a horn, restaurants have really shoehorned in new ways to serve food in recent years.

For some customers, food served on a slate instead of a plate was hard to stomach. Well nowadays, dog bowls, plant pots, shovels and shoes (yep, we weren’t kidding) have all replaced the humble plate in some eateries nation-wide. This all begs the question, are we seeing the end of the traditional plate?

No. Not really.

A YouGov poll has revealed the public’s opinions on plate-alternatives. The poll asked if people would find food served on different, completely clean items acceptable. In first place, of course, was the classic circular plate, with a 99% approval rate. Before you ask, we have absolutely no idea why that 1% are so anti-plate.

Square plates were a close second with an impressive 96%, while the rest of the top half of the table featured slate (69%), a wooden board (64%) and a plant pot (52%).

Then we reach the bottom half of the table, and things get a bit… weirder. Just away from the dreaded bottom three were a floor panel (28%) and a jar (18%). The bottom three were a shovel (17%), a dog bowl (10%) and that pesky shoe (9%).

We were going to do a drum roll before the final three, but the drum’s currently being used to serve a soufflé in Suffolk.

So, there’s not a lot of hate for the humble plate, but the world of wacky serving items probably still has a lot more in store.

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