Roll over for British Sandwich Week - William Murray

The humble sandwich has had a tough time in recent years. The average lifestyle blog would have you think it’s the weapon of mass destruction of lunch menu. Its carb-y, gluten-y composition laying waste to diets and good digestive health across the land. But a beautiful sourdough or crusty bloomer is not a thing to deprive oneself of without reason. So we’re delighted that British Sandwich Week (14–20 May) is back to remind us what a great sarnie is all about.

As it turns out, it takes more than a few stern health claims to put us off our butties. The sandwich enthusiasts behind British Sandwich Week tell us the British public devour 11.5 billion sandwiches every year. That’s enough to circle the globe 44 times over, making them Britain’s favourite food to go.

Britain’s favourite sandwich is the tried and tested classic bacon butty. But the beauty of the sandwich is its versatility – all you have to do is think outside the (sandwich) box. And retailers have certainly stepped up to the challenge. One Cardiff newsagent recently made waves on social media for his chocolate orange and lettuce (no butter) creation. And who can forget Tesco’s lasagne sandwich?

So celebrate your sandwich menu this British Sandwich Week. After all, with £7.75 billion spent on sandwiches at UK retail outlets each year, it pays to give the sandwich the attention it deserves.

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