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A Murray Christmas with the Croydon Foodbank

Christmas is a time for giving, and every year we take great joy in huddling together around a gift catalogue to choose which festive – almost always chocolate based – gift to send our clients. It’s a small gesture to say thanks and well done to the people we’ve worked closely (and tirelessly) with to […]

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Watching the waste-line

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s compulsory at this time of year to consume and spend to excess. Turn on the TV, open a mag, listen to the radio, or just walk down the street – you’ll be spoilt with offers and festive specials galore, all designed to loosen those purse strings. By New […]

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Christmas sandwiches 2016: a review

It’s that time of year again. While the Christmas music blaring through the aisles might have come too soon for some, there’s one tradition we’re happy to see arrive promptly… Christmas sandwiches. This (now festively plump) blogger is no food critic, but if there’s one thing he knows it’s a bloody good Christmas sandwich. So, […]

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2015 food facts

Five food facts from 2015

As the calendar year draws to a close, now’s the time many of us take to reflect on the year that’s passed. As foodies, here at William Murray our reflections mainly involve, you guessed it, food! So here’s five fun, frivolous and fricking awesome food facts we learnt in 2015: 1. The perfect burger is […]

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Winner Winner Christmas Dinner!

The big day is just around the corner. And if we’re to believe Mary Berry, planning your Christmas menu should already be well underway. Being a food and drink agency it’s only natural that now we’ve sorted dinner, we start to think about what wines are best served. Now, I’m no sommelier. But over the […]

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Christmas food favourites

Christmas is a time for family and feasting. Whether you’re a turkey or goose fan or more into a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, there’s something tasty for everyone to enjoy. But for some there are certain food traditions that simply must be served on Christmas day. Here are a few of […]

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Michael Vaughan bowled over by Britain’s Best Dressed Pub

I thought my roast dinner eating days were behind me – I took a vow of abstinence after my British Roast Dinner Week experiences last month (three roasts in three days) resembled the Vicar of Dibley’s Christmas special. But there was one more to try: The Sunray in Dorset. The Sunray pub was special because […]

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‘Choc out’ at Christmas

The latest competition by The Cavendish London is one that will get you raiding your stocking early this Christmas. Following the popularity of the chocolate hotel room last year, The Cavendish are giving guests the opportunity to ‘choc out’ of their room, paying their entire bill using festive chocolate coins. There aren’t many things in life […]

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I’m dreaming of a Fright Christmas

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw talk of insects on the Christmas menu in this mornings Metro. Will you be trying their recipe for a cranberry-cockroach relish or Chestnut and cricket stuffing? Call us traditional but there will be no bugs on our Christmas dinner tables this year – sprouts are scary enough! […]

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Carrots top Christmas dinner poll

Research by Sainsbury’s showcases the top 10 Christmas dinner essentials that Brits want on the plate – and turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets aren’t top of the list. A generous helping of carrots is the most popular item on the Pleasure On A Plate Christmas Index as seen in today’s Daily Express, as Sainsbury’s […]

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