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A Murray Christmas with the Croydon Foodbank

Christmas is a time for giving, and every year we take great joy in huddling together around a gift catalogue to choose which festive – almost always chocolate based – gift to send our clients. It’s a small gesture to say thanks and well done to the people we’ve worked closely (and tirelessly) with to […]

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Christmas sandwiches 2016: a review

It’s that time of year again. While the Christmas music blaring through the aisles might have come too soon for some, there’s one tradition we’re happy to see arrive promptly… Christmas sandwiches. This (now festively plump) blogger is no food critic, but if there’s one thing he knows it’s a bloody good Christmas sandwich. So, […]

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The wait is over…

…it’s here. Well, nearly. Yes, the greatly anticipated, long-awaited, much-hyped Box Park Croydon is set to open its doors tomorrow. But only for those who have tickets to the music festival that will kick off proceedings. And then on Sunday only for those who have been successful in the ticket ballot. But then – are you […]

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Boxpark Croydon, come on down

It’s been tempting our taste buds for months now but finally, we have an official vendor line-up and launch date for Boxpark Croydon. A hop, skip and jump away from the William Murray office, the site’s shipping container traders will open their doors from September. With confirmed tenants including The Breakfast Club, Chilango and Meatliquor, […]

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Spicing up Croydon

William Murray is nestled right in the heart of Croydon, so we’re well aware the town has a certain stigma about it (but it’s not what you’re thinking). A local community group is raising awareness of the origins of the town’s Anglo Saxon name, ‘Croh Denu’, or ‘Crocus Valley’. The floral moniker is thought to […]

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Local MP Gavin Barwell visits the team at William Murray

Desks were tidied and the smell of fresh coffee filled the office as we got ready for our very important visitor. Today we were delighted to welcome Gavin Barwell, our local MP into our funky new office. We showed him around, met the team and enjoyed lunch as we discussed his vision for Croydon and […]

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