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Timing and technology: today’s takeaway takeaways

“Your pizza is on the road.” Well pick it up will you, we’re all watching… Takeaways are always a guilty pleasure. I’m fairly sure it’s impossible to order a takeaway without a little guilt. Haven’t bothered shopping? Takeaway. Have food but can’t be bothered to cook? Takeaway. Hungover? Bacon sarnie… then a takeaway. But, you’ll […]

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The true cost of obesity

It seems every other day there is a new report on obesity and how much it costs us as a nation, from the strain it puts on the NHS to the strain it has on our wallets. However, reports today really put the obesity crisis into perspective. A new study from the US has revealed […]

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The Which? Future of Food Report

The Which? Future of Food Report was launched last week looking at what consumers think about food production.  Coming at an apt time following the horsemeat scandal, the report addresses how a new approach to the way food issues are handled within government is needed to give consumers a higher priority. They suggest this is […]

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How often do you sit down to eat with your family?

A recent report in the Daily Telegraph stated that a quarter of families in Britain are so strapped for time that they sit down to eat together just twice a week. With the average person now spending just two hours nineteen minutes each day with their family and a typical working adult spending a further […]

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Bacon butty tops the list

New research by foodie magazine Olive has found that the top five snacks that Brits love are: Bacon sarnies Cheese on toast Sausage rolls Cornish pasties Scotch eggs Did your favourite snack make the list? Let us know.

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