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Timing and technology: today’s takeaway takeaways

“Your pizza is on the road.” Well pick it up will you, we’re all watching… Takeaways are always a guilty pleasure. I’m fairly sure it’s impossible to order a takeaway without a little guilt. Haven’t bothered shopping? Takeaway. Have food but can’t be bothered to cook? Takeaway. Hungover? Bacon sarnie… then a takeaway. But, you’ll […]

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Announcing our freshest new client: Fresh Montgomery

We’re excited to announce that we’re providing PR and communications support for event-expert Fresh Montgomery’s two new shows: The Professional Kitchen Show and The Foodservice Show. Both shows are running alongside each other for one unmissable event at the NEC Birmingham on 22-23 January 2019. Ross Carter, portfolio director at Fresh Montgomery, says: “The Foodservice […]

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Noetic sets out to help hotels see the whole picture

May we introduce our newest client, Noetic – the business performance specialist that uses powerful technology to radically improve hotels’ profitability. By helping hotels make sense of their own data in ways they never thought possible, Noetic helps hotels see the whole picture – so they can make the most of every room, every guest, […]

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A cookbook from Watson the Robochef

It seems that these days, everything in the kitchen is going digital. From scales to digital cooking displays to thermometers, there’s no getting around it – the kitchen has been well and truly infiltrated by all things digitalised. But a digital chef? This is a new one, even for us. IBM’s game-show winning robot Watson […]

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Food of the future

Hot on the heels of the virtual waiter and interactive menus, YO! Sushi is the latest restaurant chain to come up with a new digital foodie fad. The sushi chain has launched the iTray to fly food to its customers. The lightweight, flying tray is remotely controlled by waiters and waitresses using an iPad app […]

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Who wants a low-fat chocolate bar?

Less than a week after the Easter break, scientists have announced the world’s first ‘healthy’ chocolate bar – and the good news for chocoholics is that it tastes identical to the real thing. New technology will soon allow manufacturers to replace the fat in chocolate bars with fruit juice, vitamin C water or even diet cola. […]

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