Testing: is this thing live? - William Murray

The rise of live video on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat is seriously exciting. Before, the closest you could get to ‘current’ was to share an update of the very recent past – like a photo you’d taken a few moments before. Now, those experiences can be shared as they happen via live video (which always has its downsides, of course). But with more people ‘going live’, will live tweeting fall by the wayside?

The pressure of live tweeting or video can be a bit overwhelming. Does this angle capture everything correctly? Have I tagged the right people? Is this a clever, current, witty tweet that will drive engagement or am I simply spamming? But it doesn’t have to be hard.

Here at William Murray we’re always on the road, so here are some of our tried and tested top tips for live tweeting:

Do. Not. Rush.

Realistically, that extra 5 seconds you spend rereading your tweet isn’t going to make it any less relevant. Take the time to make sure your picture isn’t blurry, you haven’t dropped an embarassing [sic] typo, and you’ve actually tagged who you intended to.

Be prepared.

It’s always handy to turn up to events with any relevant hashtags and the speakers’ Twitter handles in your back pocket. Then you’re ready to follow the conversation and get involved.

Snap away.

Twitter loves visual content (See). So sure, snap as many candid pictures as you can. But for heaven’s sake clean your lens first. There’s nothing worse than a blurry picture (and nothing less likely to be Retweeted).

As for the end of good old fashioned live tweeting, well… we don’t buy into that at all. Live video and live tweets go together like strawberries & cream, cheese & pickle, or William Murray & B2B Marketing Awards (have we mentioned those?).

Don’t ignore the old reliable dog for the excitable new puppy, live tweeting is still the best way to engage with the conversation and capture the very best snippets. But anything worth doing is worth doing well. So next time you’re out, phone in hand – work smart, not hard.

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