Top of the class: Waitrose Cookery School - William Murray

If you’re like me and love preparing and eating good food, you’ll love the hands-on approach to learning at Waitrose Cookery School.

As a guest of Bridget from BrandGuild, I was treated to a curry masterclass slap bang in the heart of Kings Cross Granary Square – which has transformed into a foodie heaven over the past decade.

After being greeted with a glass of bubbles I was paired up with Joyce – my partner for the evening – before chef Jack got us all round the demo table to show us how it’s done.

Before too long, we were creating a kick-ass curry and no-nonsense Naan bread that honestly wouldn’t have been out of place served up in any Indian restaurant – even if I do say so myself.

And we picked up some neat tips and tricks along the way – like the best way to cut an onion (so you don’t chop off your fingers) and how to peel (scrape) ginger.

Now don’t get me wrong, learning how to cook up an authentic curry was great, but what was most surprising was how easy it can be to make your own naan bread.

Using just self-raising flour, warm water, natural yoghurt and a pinch of salt the dough is made rapidly. There’s hardly any kneading, and it’s quickly shaped by hand before rolling out. Although traditionally baked in a tandoor – a clay oven sunk into the ground – we got just as good a result using a dry, red-hot pan.

The hands-on session was as easy going and fun as it was informative. And it finished even more agreeably – sat around with your classmates enjoying a well-earned curry, washed down with a beer.


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