Will the real Captain Morgan please stand up - William Murray

Wes Morgan, long term journeyman footballer and captain of reigning Premier League champions Leicester city, has just signed a killer new deal. But not with Leicester City. Wes Morgan has just been signed up as an ambassador for Captain Morgan Rum (see what they did there?)

The Leicester skipper recently tweeted a pic of his contract which confirms that he is permitted to purchase a ‘Captain and Cola’ for all drinkers in a licensed premises, as long as he extends his arms to form the shape of a ‘Y’ and shouts, “there’s only one captain Morgan!”

Brilliant. But there’s more. Keen to get the responsible drinking message across, the contract also states those who are tempted to overindulge should be told, ‘only anchors go overboard. Please drink responsibly.’

Aye aye Captain, we salute you.

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